Z League

A slower pace for the Never Ever graduates, their first step playing in the big leagues. A redesigned program to include an optional one hour of the Advanced Skills program on Tuesday night, and a one hour hockey game on Thursday night.

All for the coveted Z-Barrel… "Cause we are the bottom of the barrel players"


• Played on Thursday Nights
• For players rated 2-3
• 14 Game Season
• Thursday nights - 1 hour game every week (16 minute periods)
• Retuning players registered prior to late registration deadline get priority
Week 1 - practice & draft
Week 2, 3, 4 - games
Week 5 - practice
Week 6, 7, 8 - games
Week 9 - practice
Week 10, 11, 12 - games
Week 13 - practice
Week 14 - Z barrel
• Fall Session - October 12th - January 18th
• Start time 10pm

• Winter Session - January 25th - April 26th
• Start time 9:15pm

Registration: $250, deadline to register 1/11, Late Registration: $270

Add on Tuesday night advanced skills for an additional $115
All players need to have a current USA Hockey #, available from http://usahockey.com

• New & Returning players - Register online by completing the online form.

• Once you have submitted your registration, click the "Pay now" link and complete your payment online.

Note: If you are returning to your old team you will be placed on your team, unless space is not available or you need to be moved to provide better competitiveness for that team.